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15 Dogs That Look Almost Unrecognizable After Seeing These Groomers Interview

Dogs need a lot of love, care, and pampering right now, especially because they’ve been cooped up in their homes during the coronavirus pandemic for so long. South Korean dog groomers Shu and Tree give dogs amazing makeovers and turn scruffy canines into stylish and happy pooches.

We’ve collected some of the best before and after pics of dogs beautified at Shu and Tree’s grooming business, so scroll down, and upvote your faves. Let us know in the comments if you’ve got a dog and if you’ve brought it in for a trim at your local groomer’s place recently. And if any of you Pandas are in South Korea, let us know if you’ve ever visited Shu and Tree’s salon!

Shu and Tree are very popular on the internet. Their videos on their YouTube channel have more than 249.6 million collective views and they’ve got more than 47.4k followers on Instagram. Scroll down for The animal channel interview with Shu and Tree!



The founder of Shu and Tree told us that they love animals and have raised their puppy since they were a young adult. “It was fun giving my puppy bath and hair cut and made me naturally want to be a dog groomer,” they told us.

According to the founder, starting the Shu and Tree YouTube page wasn’t anything special: “I just wanted to save some records of the dogs with their new haircut. I started making videos and uploading them on YouTube to keep the files. The videos became popular for dog lovers and we made better videos with comments and requests from subscribers.”

The business usually grooms about 7 to 8 puppies each day or “about 150 puppies on average a month.” The founder told Bored Panda that even though the coronavirus pandemic has had some impact on the business, it hasn’t much affected the reservations for dog grooming visits. “People feel assured since our shop is located in the suburb area.”


Shu and Tree added that they’ll keep trying to reduce the stress that dogs feel during haircuts and to help them feel comfortable and cared after. “We hope that all puppies are happy with their owners.”

People watch Shu and Tree’s dog grooming videos by the millions and it’s easy to see why—they’re an instant mood-booster. The soundtrack’s fun and watching the step-by-step process as the groomers work their makeover magic on doggos is strangely relaxing.

The videos are perfect if you need a break from work or studying and help you lose yourself in the wholesomeness.


A lot of people are wowed by the massive transformations the dogs go through and point out that the pets end up looking almost unrecognizable.

Shu and Tree have a simple work philosophy and they advocate three things: style, uniqueness, and comfort. What’s more, they regularly post heartwarming content about pets on their social media accounts, so it’s not all just about dog grooming. They’ve got some photos and videos of cats, too, for all of you kitten lovers out there!

The business also sells some incredibly adorable dog clothes on their website.