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20 Jerk Cats Who Reigned Over Dogs And Stole Their Beds

So beautiful and gentle they could do no harm—that’s how we’d like to think of cats. And in theory, it’s true. In practice, ehm, not so much. ‘Cause if there’s anything cats are guilty of, it would be their notorious and shameless habit of stealing beds.

You now see why your doggo has been sleeping in a laundry basket lately. Both hilarious and purrfectly evil, Bored Panda compiled a list full of little thieves who got busted playing on canines’ nerves. And yeah, if you’re thinking of getting your puppo a new bed, you may wanna add some courage to the basket too.

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#1 I’m Fine

#2 I Was Able To Capture The Raw Anguish He Felt After Losing His Bed To The Void

#3 My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed

Bored Panda contacted Molly DeVoss, a feline training and behavior specialist at Cat Behavior Solutions, to find out more about the reason why cats love stealing dog beds. Molly explained that often it’s because cats are trying to layer scents with the dog to build a community scent at home. “Your home is their territory, and they feel more comfortable in places that smell like them,” said Molly.

I still wonder how it happens that cats always get what they want, both from humans and other animals in the household. Molly explained that “they’re very good at training us.” For example, “They knock things off the nightstand to wake us—because we typically feed them to stop the behavior.” Another example is when “they jump up on things because we pick them up” or “meow and get us to talk back.” In fact, “cats are very observant and have great understanding of how to get a reaction from their caretakers.”
#4 Nope, Not Today

#5 It’s 7 Degrees Outside And The King Has Claimed His Bed

#6 Got The Dogs New Beds. I Should Have Got Them Some Courage

Dogs tend to submit to cats because canines evolved with a “social hierarchy and rely on rank and order within the other members of the household to feel secure,” said Molly. Meanwhile, a cat “has evolved as a solitary species and doesn’t have a social structure per se.” In other words, Molly says, “cat is always a boss.”

Nevertheless, dogs and cats usually work out a livable agreement. Molly suggests, before considering adding a cat to the household, researching your dog breed. Also, it’s wise to do introductions slowly. “Cats have a very long memory and may always fear the dog” if there’s a single frightening incident when they meet.
#7 Well Was Looking For A Forever Home For This Stray Kitten But The Other Cat Has Spoken, The Dog Also Has No More Bed

#8 Cat And Dog Enjoying The New Beds We Just Got Them

#9 I Know Who Won This Fight

#10 Yes Yes, Stay There

#11 My Cat Really Enjoys My Dog’s New Bed

#12 That Look Of Apathy And Those Looks Of Disdain

#13 Always A Gentleman

#14 You Seeing This??

#15 Boots Tried To Steal Poppy’s Bed But Poppy Said Nope

#16 I Captured My Dog Crying For Help Every Time My Tiny Old Cat Steals Her Bed. She’ll Sleep On The Floor Rather Than Steal It Back

#17 One Does Not Simply “Steal” From A Malamute

#18 Our Cat Stole Our Dog’s Bed. Fear And Confusion Ensued

#19 She Stole It Right Out From Under Him And Looks So Smugly Pleased With Herself For It

#20 See Below Why Skye Is Looking Sad And Sleeping In Her Toy Basket Today