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20 Most Wholesome Rescue Pet Photos Of This Month (June Edition)

Almost a third of the summer has passed. Ouch. We need something to balance out such devastating news. So, The Animal channel has compiled a new list of adorable animal adoption photos, not only restoring everyone’s faith in humanity but allowing us to forget that the nights are beginning to get longer and longer. Darn it, I did it again, haven’t I?

Anyway, this month, people are continuing to visit animal shelters in search of new family members and take home neglected critters that need love the most. From three-legged dogs to one-eyed kitties, every soul deserves a second chance at life, and it’s really heartwarming to see that they’re getting it.

#1 We Adopted Kane About A Month Ago. We Don’t Know Much About His Background Or His Age, But He Is Around 10-12. He Is Nearly Deaf And Blind. He Is Very Sweet And Just Likes To Sleep All Day And Likes Going Outside. He Is A Good Boy

As you probably know, recently human rights protests have spread across the United States and around the world. Many pet owners also want to do their part and express their opinions, but while some animals are better used to staying at home for longer periods of time, others — most notably, dogs — can’t. So their humans take them to the protests with them. While doggos are really good companions to demand justice with, there are a few very important things people should keep in mind when doing so.
#2 2 Months After Adopting An Older Cat I Still Can’t Figure Out Why Anyone Wouldn’t Want This Big Bag Of Love

“All dogs are individuals with their own personalities and dispositions,”Kelly DiCicco, Manager, Adoptions Promotions at the ASPCA Adoption Center told The animal channel. “When bringing your dog anywhere there will be different sights and sounds, as well as crowds, it’s important to consider their comfort level with new experiences in the past.”

“Large gatherings or events can be confusing or upsetting to pets who may also become frightened or disoriented by loud noises,” DiCicco warned. “You may want to leave your pet at home where you can ensure they feel safe and relaxed. If your dog will be outside with you, be sure to keep them leashed, give them plenty of fresh water and don’t let them linger on hot asphalt for too long. Being so close to the ground, your dog’s body can heat up quickly, and sensitive paw pads can burn.”
#3 Adopted Pit Can’t Stop Hugging His New Owner

But no matter what animal you’re adopting, it is unquestionably the right thing to do. About 6.5 million companion animals enter U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Of those, roughly 3.3 million are dogs and 3.2 million are cats. Luckily, according to ASPCA estimates, the number of dogs and cats entering U.S. shelters annually has declined from approximately 7.2 million in 2011.

If you want to contribute to freeing up valuable shelter space and resources for other animals in need, you can find general adoption tips or a local shelter in your area at ASPCA.
#4 I Couldn’t Separate The Brothers, So I Adopted Both! And I Swear They Pose For The Camera

#4 Found This Kitten In The Woods, Thought My Older Cats Would Adopt It But It Looks Like My Big Boy Has Accepted Daddy Duty

#5 Meet Poundcake. He’s Blind And Deaf But Follows Me Everywhere. He Knows When I’m Away From Him And Can Sense When I’m Feeling Down. I Adopted Him From The Pound 4 Years Ago. He Saved Me More Than I Saved Him

#6 Rescued This Corgi Puppy From The Shelter A Few Weeks Ago. My First Fathers Day As A Father!

#7 Our First Adult Kitty Adoption… She Gives Warm Hugs

#8 After 6 Years Of Living In Apartments That Don’t Accept Animals, My Wife And I Finally Moved And Were Able To Get A Dog. Reddit, Meet Gus

#9 My Baby Was Lonely And We Adopted A Sister For Him

#10 A Friends Kitten He Rescued Recently

#11 My Girlfriend And I Just Adopted A Three Legged Dog. Meet Hank!

#12 Adopted A Kitten, It Seems He’s Fitting In Just Fine. Or Maybe A Little Too Well

#13 One Year Ago We Wanted To Adopt 1 Cat. We Ended Up Adopting 3 Siblings

#14 I Got Adopted By This Beautiful Pup This Weekend. Say Hi To Daisy

#15 It Was Supposed To Only Be A Foster Through The Lockdown, But I Can’t Let Him Go Now. Going Through The Adoption Process As We Speak! Meet Mauwi!

#16 Just Adopted A New Cat. She Must Be From Australia

#17 Adopted This Lady Two Months Ago. Today Was The First Time She Wanted To Play!

#18 Adopted Either A Kitten Or A Gremlin With Ringworm So She Has To Have Lots Of Baths

#19 Today My Wife And I Adopted A Senior Puppy! Everybody, Meet Waffles!

#20 Drove 2260 Miles To Adopt This Little Sweetie, And It’s The Best Thing I Have Ever Done. Reddit, Meet 10 Year Old Billie