20 Times Online Shopping Went Seriously Wrong

Products always look appealing on the package or the website, and they usually live up to our expectations. But sometimes, we get unlucky, and the goods that get delivered look nothing like what we expected to see.

But even when you want to block the seller forever for the product you got, it’s important to stay positive. We at Bright Side also think it’s useless to get fixated on the bad, so together with people online, we had a good laugh.

1. “They looked very different in the store… Explains why they were in the clearance bin.”

© ModestZombie / Reddit

2. “Ordered this for my 4-year-old with ASD to recreate his favorite Columbia Pictures intro.”

© worthlessalways / Reddit, © worthlessalways / Reddit

3. “I’m not very optimistic about the summer…”

© TaniDaReal / Twitter

4. “Even more Krunch?”

© ProfessorVibes / Reddit

5. “The dress I ordered and the dress I got one month later”

© fiddlesticks2319 / Reddit

6. Well, close enough…

© babeswamaKeys / Twitter

7. “I was terribly disappointed.”

© Phteven_j / 1Reddit

8. Tower of Pisa inspiration

© Rochelle_Rarane / Twitter

9. “So, I ordered a chair for my room.”

© itssavannahxox / Twitter, © itssavannahxox / Twitter

10. “I am never ordering from Instagram again”

© Donnasplaceng / Twitter, © Donnasplaceng / Twitter

11. “Wasn’t very expensive, but it still hurts.”

© RRamokgobedi / Twitter

12. “I am officially part of ‘What I ordered VS what I got’ club.”

© Anele / Twitter, © Anele / Twitter

13. Well, at least they tried…

© king_gbemmy / Twitter, © king_gbemmy / Twitter

14. “I look like a crab.”

© gxldenbeans / Twitter, © gxldenbeans / Twitter

15. A girl ordered muffins for her birthday.

© darkerberryy / Twitter, © darkerberryy / Twitter

16. “I found this picture in my phone, and it made me laugh all over again.”

© buffgrl / Twitter, © buffgrl / Twitter

17. “This SpongeBob ice pop! Thank god, I’m an adult. This is the ice cream of nightmares! Look at the face!”

© djp193 / Reddit

18. “I didn’t expect much, but definitely not this.”

© Imgur

19. This looks terrible.

© Rosettex3 / Reddit

20. “Elderly parents ordered the picture on the left from an Instagram ‘artist’ who blocked them after delivery.”

© theco0lguy / Reddit

Have you ever had a situation where what you got was totally different from what you expected to get? Share photos with us and tell us how you solved the problem!