A Cop With Punisher Phone Screen Was Waiting to Hear from Dying Wife Down the Hall

The husband of one of the Robb Elementary School massacre victims was the Uvalde cop who was slammed for checking his phone.

The security footage was leaked by the Austin American-Statesman and its TV partner KVUE, showing armed officers standing in the school corridor for 77 minutes while a shooter opened fire on students and teachers. Critics on social media were angry with the footage.

Many individuals pummeled the officials for not acting sooner to stop the staggering assault, which left 19 youngsters and two educators dead.

One cop was criticized for checking his phone while waiting in the corridor. When they realized that the police officer’s lock screen background was a picture of the Punisher logo, social media users were angry.

“That cop in Uvalde having his lock screen be the punisher logo and him being scared to take on an active shooter is truly the perfect encapsulation of how cops see themselves vs who they really are,” podcast host Albert Jaragua Corado wrote on Twitter.

The heartbreaking truth behind the moment has caused many people to rethink their criticism.

The officer was waiting to hear from his wife, Eva Mireles, who was one of the teachers inside the classroom where the shootings took place.

Mireles called her husband to tell him that she had been shot and was in a serious condition. She died on her way to the hospital after police raided the classroom.

The grieving cop’s connection to the shooting was revealed by Texas House of Representatives member Joe Moody. He said, “Context matters.”

“I couldn’t say nothing seeing this man, who’s lost everything, maligned as if he was indifferent or actively malicious,” he tweeted.

“To those who haven’t bothered to read even the news that’s been reported in your rush to judgment, he attempted to engage but was removed from the building and disarmed,” he continued, adding: “We’ll have much to say about the police response, but no criticism of this officer.”

The leaking of the footage was slammed by the parents of the victims. It said, “We want justice for our kids […] We’re the parents who lost our children. We were supposed to do this together first – not for the world.”

Watch the video below.