A Family Bought a Dog, and When the Vet Saw Him, He Called the Police

Su Yun lives in Yunnan Province found in China alongside her family. For a while, they’d been considering getting a dog as a pet. While they were out on vacation, they spotted a cute puppy that was on sale. The person who was selling them did not have a lot to choose from since they all looked similar to each other.

That was at first, until they suddenly noticed a tiny puppy that somehow resembled a stuffed animal. The entire family instantly fell deeply in love with the pup. Since those very cute eyes he had were already melting their hearts, they decided to buy the puppy.

The moment they asked the seller of the dog about its breed, they were told he was a Tibetan Mastiff. After they brought it home, they started noticing that their new dog had certain properties.

For you to fully understand this particular story, you have to put into consideration various aspects of tis breed which is actually quite special. In case you did not know, the Tibetan Mastiff is not your everyday dog and because of this quality, the family found some of the dog’s actions mysterious.

The Tibetan Mastiff, is a member of the Mastiff dog family. They, aside from the English Mastiff, are among the largest dogs you can find in the world. A male one can grow up until 83cm tall. The larger the dog the more hair it will have. As a furry dog owner, you probably already know what to expect when your dog has been playing indoors all day.

After taking into consideration all these factors, they had to make a final decision. They decided to get this Tibetan Mastiff Puppy. Everyone was in agreement that this was the pet they needed in their lives. The puppy also fell in love with the entire family so they took him home.

It was the start of a very exciting time for Su Yun and her entire family. They finally had a cute dog and since his fur was getting thicker, it always felt very nice to hug him. That said, there is always something very important you need to keep in mind when you get a dog and fortunately, Su Yun’s entire family was aware of this detail.

They all noticed that the dog was quite hungry most of the time. He would eat two pasta servings and a full box of fruit each day. The dog would also eat all kinds of food. They understood that it was quite normal for dogs to have a big appetite but they had never seen any that ate like theirs did and all at once.

The family decided to name their dog and gave him a name that’s perfect for his cuteness and the fact that he really loved to eat. They called him Negrito. Soon, they started realizing that he barked very differently. He always sounded like he was screaming and because of this, they started to ask questions. That said, they still kept in mind that they were dealing with a special kind of do after all so instead of worrying too much, they figured they would just continue loving their cute little pet.

The family was in disbelief at what they actually witnessed. This dog could actually stand up, something they had never seen before. They hadn’t taught him to do this and they thought it’s highly likely that he learnt how to do this by himself or that he simply had this in his blood. They just thought it was another one of Negrito’s special characteristics.

Negrito was still eating quite a lot of food and because of this, he was growing very fast. When he turned two years old, he was already around a good meter in height and his weight stood at 110 kilograms. It was at this point that the owners started wondering if everything was alright with him. Surely, no dog in the world could grow that tall so fast.

It wasn’t just the dog’s height and weight that were rapidly increasing, but his teeth too. In fact, they had started to look like those of a predator. This got the family all worried because in any case, it’s one thing to raise a pet and another to put your lives at risk.

The family therefore decided to take the dog to a vet. Fortunately, right when he saw the dog, he already knew what was up and made an immediate call to the Yiliang County Public Security Bureau. He notified them that the dog was able to eat up two pasta cubes and an entire fruit box daily. He also told them about the dog’s standing ability and his big teeth.

They believed it was just a stray dog ​​… but it was actually a Coyote!
Sharon Bertozzi, is a California resident. She starred in another one of such stories whereby the dog turned out to be a different animal from what she initially thought. She found it straying around and it was sick so being kind hearted, she thought it best to take the animal in.

She immediately called for someone from the local animal shelter to come help her out with her new pet, what she believed was a dog. It turned out that this was actually a coyote and not a dog. The animal was therefore taken to a reserve where it belonged in the first place. There it was to receive proper care so that it gets back its great health.