A Officer Turns A Traffic Stop Into A Romantic Moment. ‘I Just Started Bawling’

When Alexis McCart was pulled over last Tuesday afternoon while driving with her companions in Lawrenceville, Georgia, she got the surprise of a lifetime: a marriage proposal! Officer Michael Peterson of the Lawrenceville Po-lice Department pulled McCart’s automobile stop at first. Her uncertainty turned to pleasure when she learned her boyfriend, DeKalb County Officer John Heart, was waiting for her with a stunning diamond ring during the traffic check.

Image credit: Patrick Rose

After four years of dating, Heart proposed. Of course, McCart said yes! Heart claimed the proposal plan came together just hours before the proposal, with help from Peterson and Lawrenceville Po-lice Department Officer Patrick Rose. “I was hopping between three different alternatives,” Heart told the Gwinnett Daily Post. “But it was Patrick who actually gave me the idea.”

Image credit: Patrick Rose

“The big issue was that Lexi would not be driving – her buddy would — so we had to find out how to make it work. It was also an issue of me leaving work on time, so I just left an hour early and drove as quickly as I could to Lawrenceville.”

Image credit: Patrick Rose

Heart arrived at the location in Rose’s car, nervously awaiting his great moment, with a little assistance from McCart’s buddies, who held her distracted during an outing at a restaurant. After pulling McCart and her companions over, Peterson suggested that po-lice were hunting for suspects who had gone to Walmart. McCart told TODAY, “(John) had a plan to have one of his pals from another agency pull me over.” “He knew my chauffeur, a buddy, had a surprise in the backseat, and the gift was an agenda with my fiancé and me’s photo on the front and the title Mrs. Alexis Heart,” he explained.

Image credit: Patrick Rose

When McCart stepped out of the automobile, she was questioned where she had been and charged with lying about her previous locations, according to her. “During all of this, my friend gave me the calendar as a present,” she explained. “At first, I was perplexed, but as I turned around and saw (John) on one knee, I couldn’t control my joy!”

Image credit: Patrick Rose


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