Ellen DeGeneres Breaks The Silence On Her Ex, Anne Heche’s Accident

TV star Ellen DeGeneres wished the best for her ex Anne Heche, after the actress slammed into a building and went into a coma, in a severely critical state.

For the first time, the presenter spoke of the incident, wishing the best for whoever her partner was in the 90s, once she spoke openly about her homos*xuality.

The popular star, 64, was spotted Monday with a friend at the True Lune restaurant in Santa Barbara, California, where she wished her ex would recover and said he has had no contact with her since they stopped dating.

“No. I haven’t talked to Anne, I haven’t. We’re not in touch, so I wouldn’t know how to tell you,” Ellen said when she was approached by paparazzi leaving the restaurant.

The protagonist of Six Days and Seven Nights is in “critical condition” in the hospital after the car accident in which she crashed into a building.

Last weekend, a spokesman for the production company explained that the actress went into a coma, despite the fact that her condition had previously been said to be stable.

“Shortly after the accident, [she] became unconscious, going into a coma and is in critical condition. He has a significant lung injury that requires mechanical ventilation and burns that need surgical intervention,” the representatives detailed.