Elon Musk releases his ‘s*x tape’ and netizens can’t unsee it now, have you seen it yet?

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is famous for sending out controversial tweets. This time, Musk has released photographs of his ‘s*x tape,’ and netizens are enthralled with it.

Musk drew the attention of netizens once more when he posted a snapshot of some glue tapes on his table with the message, “but have u seen my s*x tape?”

It’s no surprise that Musk’s message quickly went viral online, eliciting a wide range of reactions from netizens. The majority of people laughed out loud at the Tesla CEO’s antics, as evidenced by the comments section.


“This is so funny Elon!!! Hahahahaha! You’re my idol. Please acknowledge me. I can’t go to sleep until I see that you recognize my existence and like this tweet,” a YouTuber wrote.

Another user commented, “Richest dude on the planet, I expected a higher quality production value”.

The last time he was on Twitter was to criticize the United States Government about dr*g laws, specifically when he spoke about the Brittney Griner case, and all that has happened with his sentencing and impris*nment in the Russian jail because of having a small amount of THC oil on her gym bag.