Family Feud Host Steve Harvey Notices Winner Break Down in Tears – The Reason Touches His Heart

winning contestant got even more than he had bargained for after an emotional conversation with Steve Harvey.

Serious illness is one of the most frightening things we can deal with in our lives. Whether we are facing a terminal diagnosis, mounting medical bills, or fear of leaving our families behind, there are many stressors and worries that keep people up at night.

One Family Feud contestant was living this nightmare when Steve Harvey, one of the most beloved game show hosts in America, performed a good deed that changed his life.

Why A Family Feud Contestant Competed For Several Days

Family Feud is one of the longer running TV game shows with many notable moments that have gone viral. One moment, however, has stuck with host Steve Harvey over the years. A man was competing several days in a row, and was visibly nervous. Of course, contestants are usually nervous, but this man’s sweats and shakes were more noticeable than the average person’s. He was sweating so much that production had to ask him to change his shirt.

At first, Steve was planning on making light of the situation on camera during his hosting duties, but he decided against it because he realized something was seriously wrong with the situation.

During a commercial break, Steve approached the man to talk about his reaction. When Steve asked him what was going on, the man admitted that there was more to his life story than he had been letting on. He said that he was terminally ill with only three months to live and because of his diagnosis, his family couldn’t get insurance.

He was so grateful to have won the money, because his family’s security and future really depended on it. Steve was so touched by the man’s story that he decided to give him $25,000 more out of his own pocket. Of course, the man was thrilled.

Steve Harvey’s generosity helped fulfill a man’s dying wish: To protect and provide for his family. While we don’t all have the means to give tens of thousands of dollars to those in need, we do have the means to show empathy and generosity of spirit to those who are suffering.