Fifteen awesome new series on HBO Max

Fifteen series new on HBO Max this week, including five series that got entirely new seasons on the streaming service. Ten series received new episodes. The big toppers? Sherlock and Extras.

The Dog House (season 3): A documentary about the Wood Green animal shelter in Godmanchester that follows the staff as they work to find new homes for ownerless dogs.

Robot Chicken (seasons 5-10): Emmy-winning satirical skits with fast-paced interactions and stop-motion animations by Matthew Senreich and Seth Green. Not for tippers!

Sherlock (seasons 1-4): The world’s favorite detective has emerged from the fog. With splashy scripts and unforgettable acting by both lead actors, this is a Sherlock for the new generation.

High Maintenance (season 4): HBO series centered around an anonymous cannabis dealer who serves his clients in New York, giving them, along with the viewer, a behind-the-scenes look at their neuroses and daily concerns.

Extras (seasons 1-3): The everyday realities of a film and TV celebrity take center stage. Bitter, grumpy and sarcastic actor Andy Millman gave up his job five years ago in hopes of becoming famous.


Smiling Friends (S01E09)

Westworld (S01E07)

The Anarchists (S01E05)

Roswell, New Mexico (S04E09)

Industry (S02E02)

Tuca & Bertie (S01E06)

Pretty Little Liars (S01E06 and S01E07)

Unikitty! (S02E32)

Rap Sh!t (S01E05)

Primal (S02E05)