Man Finds Out He’s Not His Son’s Birth Father, Leaves Him at School Never to Return

After the school closed for the day, a Five-year-old Chinese boy waited for his father, who brought him to school to come to pick him up like always. However, after hours of waiting, the father refused to show up after discovering something about the boy.

China is the world’s most populous nation, and the issue of parents abandoning their children is not uncommon in the country. In June 2022, news broke of how medical workers saved a newborn baby who had been left in a public toilet.

However, just a month later, people in the country are experiencing a new outrage at another child abandonment story. Here’s what happened.

A five-year-old Chinese boy had left home with his father, and the latter dropped him off at school, which was their regular daily routine. However, once school was over, the boy waited for his father to come to collect him so they could go home, but that did not happen.

The boy had been enrolled at the kindergarten school in Guangxi province, Southern China, since April 2022, and his father took him to school and picked him up later every day.

The school authorities realized something was seriously amiss, so they called his parents and relatives, but nobody showed any sign of coming to collect him.

After countless efforts, the little boy’s teacher surnamed Chen, eventually got across to the father. However, he dropped a piece of information that explained why he had not come to collect the boy.

After Chen contacted the little boy’s father, she received shocking news. The man claimed that after conducting a paternity test, he discovered that he was not the boy’s biological father.

For this reason, he is no longer responsible for the boy. He then told Chen that the boy was now the school’s problem and they should find a solution.

After the phone conversation, Chen discovered that the little boy’s backpack contained a change of clothes and a mobile phone which the man packed into the backpack the last day he dropped the boy off.

Although the father continued to speak to the school on the phone, he refused to pick up the boy. Chen decided to visit where the boy lived with his parents.

On getting there, she found the place empty; there was no sign of the father, and the mother’s whereabouts were also unknown.

Afterward, Chen decided to inform the police about the situation. The police were able to contact the boy’s grandfather and uncle, but sadly they also both declined to take responsibility for the little boy.

However, according to a news report, the boy’s mother was expected to pick up the boy during that week after five days of him staying at the school.

After news of what the boy went through broke, it garnered a lot of reactions from many people who were appalled by his parent’s behavior. These are some of the comments below:

Akochi Onah Cynthia wrote, “This is so unfair. Why must the little boy suffer for what he knows nothing about? It is well.” Oluchi Rachel noted, “Why [take] your anger [out] on the innocent little boy and not your wife? I feel for him.”

Another comment came from Chidinma Pascaline Ani, who remarked, “This boy should not suffer for what he knows nothing about… it’s really heartbreaking. If not for the distance I go just carry am.” Nonye Okafor wrote:

“This is a sad event, but the boy knows him as his father and knows [no] one else. What is the child’s fault in all of these that he will be subjected to mental pain and rejection at this early age of his life. May God see the little child through life.”

According to reports, under Chinese law, the father cannot be arrested because he has not committed a crime by abandoning the child since he was not the biological father.

However, if the boy’s biological mother refuses to care for the kid, she would be committing a crime. Such crimes usually attract jail time, or she could be placed under detention for up to five years.