Girl Found Out Her Dad Was Sleeping With Her ‘Bff’ While They Were On A Trip

Autumn Ankerich from Oklahoma was recalling that time when she found out that her friend slept with her dad on a trip together.

Now 21 years old, Autumn remembers that at the time, there were only three of them but she found a condom wrapper inside the truck. She shared the story on TikTok where it received over 1.7 million views now before she went private.

“Thinking about the time on vacation I found a condom wrapper in my dad’s truck from the night before but he was only with me and ‘bff,.”

The woman later spoke to Jam Press about the incident after she found it inside their vehicle. She shared, “I asked her why there was a condom wrapper on the seat and she told me she thought it was a dream.”

She attempted to deny the affair and claimed that they only “made out”, but Autumn kept pushing and she finally admitted that they did do the deed. Their friendship ended then and there, but what’s even more shocking was later, she found her friend bragging about it on her social media page.

Autumn told Jam Press, “She posted [about it] on Instagram a few weeks later.” They’ve never seen each other since this shocking event and now looking back at it, Autumn did notice the two of them being weird the night they did it.

Autumn recalled, “My friend was flirting with my dad and he was flirting back, so I went to the room as it made me uncomfortable.” “I used to be a ‘daddy’s girl’ but as I got older and smarter, we grew apart because I realized he wasn’t normal.”

The friend was of legal age, which means he cannot be convicted for his actions. But thousands on her platform agreed that it was a horrible thing to do. Others, however, decided to make jokes over the story that has become history.

“I mean at least he used protection,” joked one viewer. Another user quipped, “So she was calling him daddy too?”