House of the Dragon Actor Sprak Met George R.R. Martin over Lord of the Rings

Fabien Frankel spoke with George R.R. Martin for the first time at Comic-Con. Remarkably, that wasn’t about House of the Dragon, but about Lord of the Rings.

We spoke with Fabien Frankel on behalf of IGN about House of the Dragon and his role as Ser Criston Cole, an extremely skilled warrior from Dorne. We asked him how he reacted when George R.R. Martin dedicated a blog post to his character.

According to Frankel, it was one of his happiest moments. “Bro, that was the very best. It was the best day ever. I was in the park with all my best buddies from drama school, my seven best friends from my year in acting school. We had ended up at a pub near Waterloo. And I got a call from my agent that George R.R. Martin was going to post about my casting and it’s something I couldn’t believe,” Frankel said.

Eventually, the post went live before the euphoria erupted for Frankel and his friends. “It came out live and all my friends were doing shots and they were randomly screaming. ‘He’s in Game of Thrones,’ one friend yelled. And the guy was like ‘He wasn’t in it mate, I saw the series myself’. Yeah, it was honestly really cool. That was one of those moments where you think, wow, this is awesome.”

Eventually, the actor also got the chance to meet the writer behind A Song of Ice and Fire himself, at San Diego Comic-Con. “We sat in a bar and talked about Lord of the Rings. It was completely surreal. I walked past him and was like, oh my God, that’s George R.R. Martin. I went up to him and was like, oh, Mr. Martin, nice to meet you,” Frankel said.

The House of the Dragon actor wouldn’t divulge what the conversation about Lord of the Rings was about, “We were kind of joking around and talking about Comic-Con. And then we had a big conversation about Lord of the Rings, which I thought was an incredibly interesting conversation. I can’t actually tell you what it was about. Very private.”

Frankel revealed earlier in the conversation that he mainly looked to Pedro Pascal for his role. We also spoke with one of the writers of the series. Sara Hess revealed that she did not watch Game of Thrones before writing House of the Dragon.