Hugh Jackman is a little ashamed of the amount he spends on food

Hugh Jackman is not the type to spend money except for one thing, food! As he told Vogue, the actor loves the art of the table, and his success as an actor allows him to enjoy it to the fullest.

“I’m not materialistic with anything, really, except food, which I can spend so much money on that it’s embarrassing,” he admitted. “But I love the artistic aspect (of cooking), the beauty of it, and the way it connects us… I love cooking lasagna with my kids and seeing everyone eating in the kitchen and being able to open a bottle of wine.”

And come to think of it, the desire to never have to deprive herself at the table has been a real driving force for the star of The Greatest Showman.

A dream come true

“I remember being a college student… And I thought, if there’s one thing I want in life, it’s to be able to walk into a restaurant without having to look at the prices on the menu,” recalled Hugh Jackman.

Moreover, in a previous interview, the actor revealed the job he dreamed of doing as a child: chef on a plane! Unfortunately, his dream was shattered when he realized that this profession did not exist and that the food served on the planes was ready-made.