Is There Still Hope For ‘Batgirl’ Actress Leslie Grace After Major SetBack?

Earlier this month we were told that Batgirl would never see the light of day. Now we hear that lead actress Leslie Grace might still get a chance to play the superheroine for other DC projects.

In fact, Warner Bros. seems to be in talks with the actress at the moment about other projects so they can just keep working with Grave. An appearance in a subsequent DC film is therefore a possibility, but other high-visibility films are also being considered.

Although there is a fairly good chance that Grace will still appear in a DC film in the future, it is not 100% clear yet whether she will do so as Batgirl or another role. Also, for now, it is far from clear what the future holds for DC.

Just the day before yesterday a report came along on FilmTotaal that The Batman 2 is not even a certainty yet. It is also not yet certain which films will be seen in theaters and which projects will go directly to HBO Max.

Even more uncertainty

Two years ago, another mega deal was made with J.J. Abrams for $200 million. He would make the necessary DC projects, but this could now also be undone.