James Bond and all the actors who played him

It was 1962 when Sean Connery first stepped into the role of the famous agent 007, in the film entitled “Agent 007 – License to Kill”, and even then it proved to be a great success. While not in the top 5 of 2015, it continues to be one of the most famous productions in the world.

The James Bond film series is inspired by the novels of British author Ian Fleming, whose first book dates back to 1953; later the writer published one a year, until 1966. Upon his death, the spy series was gradually entrusted to new authors, so the production of the films also continued.

For the role of the protagonist in the first five chapters Sean Connery was chosen, and although he was not the first option, it was a real revelation: he is in fact still one of the most loved today.

After George Lazenby’s interpretation paved the way for numerous criticisms in 1969, Connery resumed the role for the 1971 production, only to be replaced permanently in 1973.

His successor, for 12 years and 7 films, was Roger Moore , who managed to win over the spectators with his excellent interpretation of the famous spy.

Moore’s latest film was unsuccessful, however, and was followed by Welshman Timothy Dalton, previously rejected due to his too young age. Although accepted by the public, the reviews were quite mixed. During his sophomore year as Bond, in 1989, the film set the worst-grossing record in the series, but it was due to ongoing delays due to legal issues that Dalton abandoned the project.

The role was then assumed in 1995 by Pierce Brosnan; despite being criticized for its Irish accent, his film achieved great success and also received very positive reviews, so the actor stayed for 3 other films, until 2002.

After several controversies, it was decided to give 007 a fresher and more modern personality, and the task was assigned to Daniel Craig, who won great appreciation. However, after “Specter”, which was released in theaters in 2015, rumors have begun to spread that Craig will leave the part.

The possibility of adding James Bond to the most anticipated sequels of 2016 is therefore unlikely, but hopefully his new face will manage to keep the bar high.