Johnny Depp reveals if he will star in “Pirates of the Caribbean” again

Johnny Depp has played the irreverent Jack Sparrow for years in the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, yet his future at Disney is not so bright. The actor, engaged in a legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, explained what will become of Jack Sparrow.

The marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, now shipwrecked, has arrived in court. Both well-established actors of the Hollywood star system, they had a flash wedding, which ended with a round of mutual accusations that then brought them before a judge. And, while both are busy releasing more testimonies about what happened inside the walls, Johnny Depp has also unbuttoned his future with the Pirates of the Caribbean films.

The film saga has seen Depp skilfully play one of the key characters in the film, Jack Sparrow, a pirate who often raises his elbow and the protagonist of countless adventures. The saga, at the moment, can count on five films made. The first, The Curse of the First Moon, also involved Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. The latest, Salazar’s Revenge, hit theaters in 2017. Fans have long been waiting for the crew to return to the cinema, but it seems that the film will never be made. Or, at least, not with Johnny Depp.

Johnny Depp: what will become of Jack Sparrow?

Amber Heard accused her ex-husband of domestic violence. Johnny Depp, in turn, sued her for defamation. A clash between titans that immediately captured the interest of the international press and that now sees them well lined up in court, one against the other. And, in between, is the career of both of them. Disney has announced that there will be a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot soon, but without Johnny Depp. An exclusion that caused displeasure in the person concerned, who would have liked to greet Jack Sparrow in the correct way.

It is certain that the actor had explained several times that he wanted to put a stop to his experience with Pirates of the Caribbean, but he would have liked to do it in the right way. But, due to his personal misunderstandings with Amber Heard, Disney would have taken a step back. In 2018, the Daily Mail was the first tabloid to report the actor was fired from Disney.

A decision due to “economic reasons and personal problems”. As Variety reports, Johnny Depp commented in court: “I didn’t know, but it doesn’t surprise me. It’s been two years of constant talk around the world about me being a wife beater, so I’m sure Disney was trying to cut ties with me to keep themselves safe.

“When questioned in court by his lawyer, Johnny Depp explained that, despite his intention was to close with Pirates of the Caribbean, he wanted to make one last film to greet him.” My impression is that the characters in the saga had to have the right goodbye. There is a way to give the right conclusion to a franchisee like that and I intended to continue to be a part of it until it was time to say goodbye. “