Jurassic World has Fast and Furious features, but there will be no crossover

Jurassic World: Dominion broke with the limits established by the franchise and became a kind of Fast and Furious with dinosaurs. Vehicles at full speed, shootouts and action galore with those prehistoric beasts used as lethal weapons.

That led many fans to wonder if there could really be some kind of crossover between the Jurassic saga and the one starring Vin Diesel. That question reached Colin Trevorrow, the director of two of the three Jurassic World installments and head of this new trilogy. Has he had any similar ideas?

Jurassic World has Fast and Furious features, but there won’t be a crossover

“I mean, of course not. I’m obviously like the most serious Jurassic Park movie maker we have. I think if one came to look at them with irony instead of seriousness, that might be exactly where you’d go…. It would be a new idea,” the filmmaker commented.

Fast and Furious will never introduce its characters in Jurassic World after Trevorrow’s words, but it’s certainly clear that it would be a film worth seeing because the formulas of both projects really fit together seamlessly.

Jurassic World: Dominion is proof of that, and leaving aside that it doesn’t fit into Spielberg’s presentation, it doesn’t work too badly as a crazy blockbuster either. In any case, Universal is interested in crossing those stories with Vin Diesel as the lead.

Trevorrow also admits that Bourne might be the best fit for Jurassic World, and more so considering there’s a motorcycle escape scene with Chris Pratt. “I guess it would be ‘Bourne’ because I feel like he can run away from dinosaurs, it would be effective, with the raptors, we did something along those lines.”

This ultimate crossover will unfortunately be left on the back burner. We may eventually see an action movie with dinosaurs involved, to that we should never say never. The Jurassic World saga closed with Dominion and Fast and Furious will end this first saga with the tenth installment, which will be divided into two parts.