Kaley Cuoco talks about the depression she suffered in the wake of her divorce

The beginning of relationships is usually idyllic but, as time goes on, problems can arise that harm the couple. It is the law of life, arguments are part of any relationship -whether friendship or couple-, but that does not imply that they can not be faced in a healthy way. The problem is when arguments and problems become toxic that endangers the relationship.

The end of a relationship – especially as a couple – is usually painful. Breaking up with a person with whom you shared your life and with whom you had plans for the future can be a tremendous shock; something that not everyone is mentally prepared for. That’s what happened to Kaley Cuoco in the wake of leaving him with his ex-partner last year.

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress has acknowledged – in an interview for Variety – that she suffered depression as a result of her divorce with Karl Cook, the horse rider with whom she came to share 3 years of marriage. The actress has been honest about the months after the breakup and has assured that it was one of the “darkest” stages of her life.

Kaley Cuoco’s struggle with depression

“Going through my divorce was a super dark time. I just didn’t know how to deal with it.” After leaving him with Karl, the actress tried to take refuge – although without much success – at work; specifically in the recording of ‘The Flight Attendant’.

“I was throwing myself into work to deny my depression and how upset I was. Unfortunately, my character was so depressed that he didn’t help me! I was really, really, really struggling. Too many tears,” she said.

In addition, he confessed that, as a result of the separation, he had to start going to therapy. And he also gave some of the “horrible” physical details he experienced: “I developed a stress rash that ran all over my body for three months straight and didn’t go away. I literally felt fire in my leg for three months. I could barely walk.”

After moving in with her recording partner Zosia Mamet, who plays one of the characters in ‘The Flight Attendant’, Kaley began to feel better shooting hateful, sad and dark scenes.

“I really needed someone with me. I was losing my mind. I had never felt so alone,” she added.

Now, the actress maintains a new relationship with Tom Pelphrey, the actor with whom she has already shared images on Instagram.