Video: This kid really believes he is Michael Jackson…

If you are a Michael Jackson fan then you will know that he made performing an art form with his moves and unique voice.

And years after we lost him, he has still managed to imprint his greatness on the younger generation.

To think we wondered what sort of world it was going to be with our kids not growing up with his music, style, and electric performer attitude.

It seems we need not worry about that…

This young man, who breaks out into dance to Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, leaves us wanting more.

We don’t have to fear that the next generation will be left without a historical musical legend because his music has outlived him.

As he jumps on the table feeling the song at its peak, his performance is short lived.

A woman, who we assume to be his mother, grabs him off the table just as he was feeling it.

We have to admit we were also waiting for him to bust out more moves.