Lady Gaga Reportedly Charging A Huge Amount Of Money For Joker 2!

It was announced today that the budget for the 2019 sequel to Joker is going to be substantially higher. Crazy isn’t that, considering the film grossed over a billion at the worldwide box office.

Much of the budget increase goes into the salaries of those involved who return. But newcomer Lady Gaga will also be able to add a hefty sum for her part in Joker: Folie à Deux.


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Big salary for Gaga and Phoenix
According to Variety, Gaga will receive a sum of $10 million dollars for her contribution. Phoenix’s paycheck is even double that at $20 million. Director Todd Phillips is also said to receive a similar amount.

The production budget is estimated at about $150 million, which means that $50 million is already going to go to salaries of the main names. The original reportedly cost about $60-80 million to make.

The second Joker will be a musical film and is “more likely to be A Star Is Born than In the Heights” and is expected to be released in October 2024.