Man Rescues Mysterious Baby Animal, Grows Up To Be Sweetest Friend.

Jonathan thought he was doing the right thing when he found a sick-looking tiny white monkey in his backyard. His first instinct was to rescue it and bring it immediately to the local vet.

But judging from the vet’s reaction, it was clear that Jonathan had made a lapse in judgment. But it was too late to do anything about it now. They had to deal with the consequences caused by the mysterious backyard creature.

Jonathan has been a certified animal lover for a long time. It was always his mission to rescue any animal that needed help. He is a nature lover so he would often take walks in the woods and there, he would encounter an animal in need from time to time.

Jonathan has had experience rescuing different kinds of animals. There were the usual stray dogs and cats, birds, and rodents, and he even rescued a wild boar once. Jonathan felt good every time he had an opportunity to help these creatures.

One day Jonathan spotted a little animal in a small bed of moss. It looked like a tiny newborn white monkey. Its eyes were not fully opened yet. Jonathan looked around for others like it since they usually are born in bunches but there was no other creature around.

Jonathan carefully examined the little creature, trying to see if it had any wounds. It seemed fine except for the fact that it was lost and scared. It was clear that its chances of survival out there with no mother to protect it was very small.

Jonathan knew he could not leave this poor creature alone – it would be dark soon and it looked like rain was coming. So he made a makeshift carrier out of the cover of his travel bag. He carefully put the baby animal inside and started to walk to his car.

He walked as slowly as he could and repeatedly check on the tiny thing on the way back to his car. Jonathan started thinking that it was not a monkey. The creature did not have any distinctive features yet because it was a newborn so it was really hard to identify.

Then, Jonathan thought to himself that it did not really matter what kind of animal it was. It needed help and Jonathan will rescue it. The nearest vet was a half hour’s drive away. Jonathan hoped that the creature would still be okay until then.

When he arrived at the clinic, Jonathan checked in at the front desk and proceeded to wait for his turn in the waiting room. He decided to keep the tiny animal in his makeshift carrier to protect it from the other animals in the clinic.

Jonathan had shown the creature to the receptionist and even the receptionist did not know what it was. But she assured him that he would be bumped up the list since the animal did look like it was in bad shape. It only took a few minutes before his name was called.

Jonathan presented the animal to the vet and narrated what happened. The vet listened, took down notes, and asked a few questions. Then, he asked Jonathan to head back to the waiting room while he does some tests.

A few minutes later, the vet came out with a very serious look on his face. Jonathan never saw the vet look this way. The vet told him that it was a super glider. Jonathan was shocked. He would have never guessed that the animal he rescued was a super glider.

Then the vet said, “I know it’s not your fault but it was a big mistake that you brought him here.” The vet explained that the young animal posed a great threat to the other animals in the clinic since it was infected with a virus that was not only contagious but fatal.

The vet had been studying this virus for the past weeks as it had been reported in raccoons, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, and other small mammals in the area. Jonathan was shocked at the thought of putting a lot of animals in danger.

They had isolated the super glider now. But as a safety precaution, they would both have to shower and change their clothes so they would not be spreading the virus to other animals. They had to test all the animals that were in the clinic to make sure that they did not catch it.

Since Jonathan was a regular animal rescuer and a familiar face at the clinic, the vet let him shower there and made him borrow an extra pair of scrubs to change in. By the time he was done, all the animals had been tested and they were negative.

That was not the only good news. The vet said he thinks he might be able to treat the infected super glider too. Despite all the trouble, Jonathan had no regrets rescuing the super glider. He stayed in contact with the vet, asking about the super glider’s progress.

The vet had a concerned look on his face and when Jonathan sat down, he asked a surprising question. “Have you picked a name for the super glider?” the vet asked. Jonathan was taken aback. Why would he name the super glider?

After a brief moment, Jonathan said, “Monkey! I would like to name him Monkey.” The vet then signaled to his assistant and the assistant left the room. He came back with the super glider in hand. The vet told Jonathan that Monkey was now fully recovered from the virus.