Video: Michael Jackson’s incredible transformation throughout the years

There was always a lot of controversy surrounding Michael Jackson’s appearance, the ‘King of Pop’ was born an African American but his skin color dramatically changed over the years.

Plastic surgery was one of the main topics of conversation when he was still alive, specifically for going from black to completely white skinned.

He always denied undergoing surgery but the evidence is too great to ignore, he was clearly subject of many procedures throughout the years.

A video on Twitter depicts the drastic changes he wen’t through over the years, watching how much he changes from the times of ‘The Jackson Five’ to the very last days of his life is absolutely incredible.

But make no mistake, Michael Jackson might be famous for doing all kinds of questionable things throughout his life. However, his music still lives on to this day as one of the most incredible artists of all-time. The rest is still in contention and has definitely stained his reputation even after passing away.

There are very few artists in music history who have lived a relatively “normal” life, they all have their demons to fight and their dark moments. Michael Jackson is no exception, he was always an already troubled person simply by looking at the way he modified his appearance throughout the years.

Other allegations against Michael Jackson.

There is also the case of the accusations of child molesting against him, which is a major trial that is still ongoing. The ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary has some very disturbing revelation from two of his alleged victims.

This case has been one of the main reasons Michael Jackson’s following has been directly affected over the last 20 years. There are many who are destroyed by looking at one of their idols fall apart while others simply choose to enjoy his art and look the other way.