Mom Sees Sign On Teacher’s Car, Cops Look In Trunk

Miss Smith was quite sure that she wasn’t going to get out of this situation easily. The police officer’s unfriendly expression, tight knuckles, and no-nonsense tone told her everything that she needed to know. She was in a world of trouble, and no amount of pleading or reasoning would convince the officer.

Still, she did her best to convince him that all that was inside her car’s trunk was a fuzzy blanket and some candy wrappers. The officer was having none of it. It didn’t help that there were so many people watching the shakedown. This school’s “favorite teacher” was about to be exposed!

After a long day at work, Millie signed off and made her way back to the school to collect her kids. Despite being tired, she was eager to secure her bubbly little twins. This was what made all the hard work and sacrifices worth it.

Millie soon pulled into the school’s road and began feeling the excitement mount. As she began thinking of what to make her kids for dinner, her attention snapped to something odd.

An Unusual Teacher’s Note
Only meters in front of her was a car that had a large and visible note stuck to it. Millie instantly knew who the car belonged to: Miss Smith. Who could possibly have left the lovely teacher such a thing?

Millie turned her car off and then awkwardly approached Miss Smith’s car. Her heart nearly stopped when she read what was written in the note. In a heartbeat, she knew what she had to do. She whipped out her phone and punched the number “911” into the keypad.

While Millie was calling the police, the oblivious Miss Smith was packing her bag. She took a long drink from her coffee and lent back into her seat, sighing. As she exhaled, an intrusive pounding came at her door. A coworker asked if she was in there.

Miss Smith had just opened her mouth to speak when her colleague burst in. She looked like someone had been murdered. It was obvious to Miss Smith that something had gone terribly wrong.

Prime Suspect
Before Miss Smith could ask what the issue was, her colleague blurted out that a policeman was standing in the hallway, waiting for her. Miss Smith felt the panic rise in her chest.

What Miss Smith’s colleague had failed to tell her, though, was that Lewis, her boyfriend, was with the cop too. Miss Smith was doubly shocked when she sped outside her classroom and came face-to-face with her partner, as well as the officer. Her confusion would soon lead to shock.

Miss Smith felt herself getting emotional. She was afraid and begged her partner to explain the situation. Not that he could even meet her eye, as he simply gazed at the ground.

The police officer would be the one to respond, who greeted Miss Smith with a severe tone and introduced himself as “officer Jones”. Miss Smith’s eyes widened as she met the severe cop’s gaze. Within fifteen minutes, Miss Smith’s life would be ruined.

Miss Smith was then questioned by officer Jones. He asked her if she was carrying her vehicle’s keys, something that only worsened Miss Smith’s confusion. Still, she fished inside her designer handbag and presented the keys to the cop.

“Good, now follow me into the parking lot,” Commanded the policeman. The teacher and the cop then marched out into the parking lot with the teacher’s boyfriend lagging behind. As they stood by Miss Smith’s car, she wondered if this was an overkill reaction to an outdated license.

Officer Jones escorted Miss Smith to her vehicle. He then informed her that his furry partner had sniffed something alarming by her car, meaning that he would need to investigate it thoroughly. What could the police canine have sensed?

Miss Smith’s life had suddenly become quite frightening and senseless. But it would only take minutes for understanding to dawn on the teacher’s face. She would know exactly why the police had been called on her.

The police officer circled Miss Smith’s car, carefully observing it for any potentially dangerous or illegal signs from the exterior. When he was satisfied that the outside of the car was safe, the officer requested to open Miss Smith’s car to look within. Miss Smith nodded nervously and in a flash, the policeman was inside the vehicle.

Miss Smith was oblivious to how the situation was about to unfold. She had done her best to remain calm, but as the officer began scrounging through her possessions, it took all her restraint to stop him.

Miss Smith held her breath as the police officer continued to dig deeper. What was it that he was looking for so intensely? It was almost like he believed she had someone tied up in the trunk of her car.

Lewis, who had been standing by silently, finally decided to step in and hugged his woman tightly. This reassuring gesture meant the world to Miss Smith, but all that she wanted was for Lewis to take her away. Wishful thinking…

Miss Smith was on the verge of tears and her stomach was bubbling with tension. All that she could do was assure her boyfriend that she had done nothing wrong. Whether he believed her or not was irrelevant, as the cop was getting closer to his target…



While Miss Smith was being consoled by her boyfriend, the officer finally found what he was apparently looking for. His tough-guy attitude vanished as he gasped loudly and nearly tripped backward. Just what had he discovered?

Miss Smith then realized that the police officer was taking something out of her car’s trunk. He then said, rather ominously, “That’s what I thought.” Miss Smith, on the other hand, had no idea what the cop had pulled out. What happened next shocked Miss Smith to her core.

What happened next is difficult for Miss Smith to talk about. The police officer seized Lewis and brought him to his knees, telling him that he would be doing life for what he had done. Lewis was then handcuffed while the hysterical Miss Smith watched in horror. The policeman then commanded Miss Smith to stand by Lewis while he fetched his “evidence camera.”

Miss Smith was obviously hysterical at this stage, running back and forth from the policeman to her boyfriend pleading for answers. As she turned back to Lewis, she saw him raise his hands up from behind his back and up toward her. Strangely, he had a ring in his hands.

Miss Smith’s mood changed violently as she gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. She heard a chuckle to her side, and to her surprise, saw that the policeman was filming the scene. The two men had some explaining to do…

Lewis was now on one knee while looking up at Miss Smith adoringly. He then asked her the last question that she expected to hear in this dire situation: “My love, will you marry me?” Suddenly, the nightmarish moment had turned into the happiest dream.

Miss Smith’s eyes widened and then began tearing up as she gazed at the sparkling ring. She shouted “Yes!” and grabbed Lewis, her fiancé. She couldn’t help but feel rather confused in all the ecstasy, however. What was in her trunk?!

Miss Smith didn’t let her queries spoil the moment, however, as she squeezed her man tightly. Millie, who had been watching from afar, approached the newly engaged couple and, along with the now well-humored cop, clapped.

When Miss Smith and Lewis finally let each other go, it was time for Millie to come clean. She certainly owed Miss Smith some clarification. It had been a crazy day for Miss Smith, after all! The mother pulled the teacher aside to explain herself.