New James Bond Rumor Deletes Idris Elba and many other actors from candidate list!

Idris Elba’s name has been widely associated with the role of James Bond again lately. The actor is expected to play the 007 role in the next film centered around the famous MI-6 agent.

A new rumor ensures that Elba, but also a series of other older actors, can be removed from the list of possible contenders. Think of names like Henry Cavill, Tom Hardy and also Outlander star Sam Heughan.

Search for younger Bond?
During an appearance on ITV’s talk show Lorraine (via Express UK), entertainment reporter Ross King shared some parameters he has heard about the search for the new Bond. It could significantly reduce the list of 007 candidates. King said:

“The latest rumor – and in some ways some of this is very true – is that the Bond producers are looking for a younger Bond. Probably someone who is around 30. They want someone who will play Bond in the next three films. They want someone who will do it the same way Daniel Craig did it.”

For now, this can be seen as a rumor, but EON Productions will surely be busy bringing a new series of films to the big screen. Bond 26 has no release date for now.