Nicole Kidman’s photo was not for Will Smith’s slap

The photo of Nicole Kidman’s shock reaction to the Oscar night is not due to the slap of Will Smith: here is the truth about that shot. On social networks, for a few days, there has been talk of nothing more than the slap trimmed to Chris Rock by Will Smith during the 2022 Oscars award ceremony.

Among the many images spread on the net there is the astonished reaction of Nicole Kidman, in a photo that immortalizes the moment in which the Australian actress launches a scream of shock.

The truth, however, is very different from the one we know. It seems that that now viral photo of Nicole Kidman’s reaction to Will Smith’s slap is in no way due to the extreme gesture of the former Prince of Bel-Air on the Dolby Theatre stage nor to the clamor it has obviously aroused.

According to the British tabloid Daily Express, Myung Chun (the photographer who captured that moment) would have specified that that photo was taken during the evening but not following the events that starred Will Smith, Jada Pinkett and Chris Rock.

Apparently, in fact, the photo of Nicole Kidman was taken at a time before the slap of Will Smith, during the initial part of the ceremony (which was not shown on live television).

Kidman’s reaction would derive from another event, much less sensational, namely the entrance of Jessica Chastain to the Dolby Theatre. According to the photographer, in fact, the expression of the beautiful Nicole is not of shock but of euphoria due precisely to seeing her American colleague.

In fact, at the sight of Chastain, Nicole Kidman would explode in a scream of joy, stretching both hands towards her and greeting her conspicuously.

In any case, that shot is now closely linked to the story of Will Smith’s slap and it is now very difficult that, despite Myung Chun’s denial, it can be dissociated from that event as traumatic as it is historical in the history of the Academy Awards.