Nurse Receives Backlash For Using A Patient’s Death As Her TikTok Content

There’s an obligatory “not all nurse” needed here and on top of that, we’ll never know what Olivia Tyler was thinking when she made that video. Everyone fighting on the frontline during the pandemic deserves respect, acknowledgment, and appreciation for the hard work they put in.

Olivia, however, has been slammed when posted a video of herself sobbing after losing a patient. Thousands pointed out how jarring it was to think that she had time to try to squeeze out content from such an emotional moment.

TikTok user olivia_tylerr33 – now deleted – shared the emotional video on June 17 and captioned it, “It never gets easier.”

The nurse wrote in the short clip, “Lost a patient today.”

She appeared heartbroken, with her scrub still on, as she paced around the place, trying to regain her composure. She continued writing, “Shake [it] off, you have 5 more hours.”

Olivia used a cover version of Sia’s hit song Unstoppable on the clip. However, some had found it way too jarring to accept, even for TikTok.

One slammed her for “exploiting her patient for likes and views.” Another dropped a dark joke and asked if she’d checked all the rooms around.

It was also reposted on Twitter by a user who shaded on her and wrote, “aw man, can’t believe my patient died let me go make a tiktok rq.”

She wrote, “I understand raising awareness on the difficulties of being a healthcare professional but this feels like a patient was just exploited for likes and views. There are other ways to share experiences, this way was not tasteful.”

Another user commented, “My mom was a nurse for 35 yrs… Her patients dying did hit her hard sometimes, but I don’t think she would make a TikTok about it.”

“My aunt was a nurse for 50+ years, including many as the head of the O.R. (Operating Room). She absolutely hates these social media posts. She’s said multiple times that any nurse working for her wouldn’t last long doing this,” added another.

Another user shared their own experience, “I’m a physician, I’ve seen a lot of death, and it’s good to talk about it. It’s good to have an outlet. But this feels cheap and exploitative. It’s our duty to avoid even the appearance of this behavior.”

But upon a little bit of digging before her account was gone, the user found out she’s did a similar stunt in her other videos.

Other users have also reacted to her videos, most finding the situation bizarre. Some had made viral parodies of the clip.

One of them wrote their thoughts, “Can you imagine her just scrolling through sounds trying to pick the most trendy song while her patient’s body is being wheeled out to the morgue?”

A viewer replied,” ‘How can I make this about me?’ – that girl.”

On the other hand, there were some who took the opportunity to thank nurses who are often in similar situations that many don’t get to see and know about. A user wrote, “She’s sharing the trauma medical professionals have to deal with on a daily basis to raise awareness.”