Olivia Newton-John’s family tells how she spent her last days of life

Actress Olivia Newton-John. During an interview on a TV show, Tuesday, August 9, 2022, Goldsmith broke down in tears talking about his aunt’s last days. Tottie revealed that the actress’ health had deteriorated considerably in the days leading up to her death after she had spent 30 years battling breast cancer:

“She was very bad, she looked very thin,” she said. “It hasn’t been a shock to the family, we expected it and we had come up with the idea, especially in the last five days.” “I couldn’t go to the United States on time, but I wanted to say goodbye.

I alerted her husband to hold the phone and talked to her on FaceTime. I could see her. I was relieved to be able to see her and tell her everything I needed to tell her.” In addition, the niece says she knows for sure that the actress was not afraid to die. “He’s struggled a lot, he’s been in a lot of pain. It’s been a very tough road,” said Tottie Goldsmith.

The show’s host asked her what Olivia Newton-John was most proud of in her life. Tottie burst into tears, but replied that the best thing in the actress’ life was her daughter Chloe: “I loved her very much.

Chloe is getting terribly hard, but she will get over it.” Before ending the interview, Tottie Goldsmith confirmed that the actress’ family would accept the proposed funeral in Australia for her aunt not only for the family, but for the legacy and importance that Olivia Newton-John has had throughout her career.

Chloe, his daughter, has also spoken

For her part, Olivia Newton-John’s daughter has broken her silence since her mother passed away on Monday, August 8, 2022. She, however, has decided to speak out through social networks. Chloe Lattanzi has shared two posts on her Instagram profile dedicated to her mother. The first of these has been a carousel of photos both from when she was little and more recent.

On the other hand, Chloe has published a video she has with her mother in which they both perform the song they have together called ‘Window in the wall’. The video, Chloe Lattanzi has accompanied it with a text that says: “You are my lighthouse, mom, my safe place.

It has been, and still is, an honor to be your daughter and best friend. You are an angel on earth and everything you have approached has been blessed. I will love you forever, Mom.” With these words, Chloe Lattanzi said her last goodbye to her mother, Olivia Newton-John.