Only_Fans Star Found Out Her ‘Hottest Daddy’ Subscriber Was Her Own Dad

An OnlyFans star who goes by the name London from California shared that she’s only recently discovered that her own father is subscribed to her adult content. The TikTok clip was viral as she captioned it, “Me realizing *the Hott3st Daddy* user was my dad getting all my content on my [OnlyFans] every month,”

The San Diego user told her viewers that it’s a “real story” and people are sympathizing with her. The idea of having your parent walking in on you having a romantic time with your partner is one thing. But for them to purposely seek out similar content of you?

And as if things couldn’t have gotten worse, a viewer wrote, “I hope you guys don’t live under the same roof.” She replied, “What if we do,” followed by a skull emoji.

But in what may have seemed like an attempt to look at the bright side of things, some pointed out that at least he’s supporting her independence. One asked, “Does that mean he is a good or bad dad? Sounds supportive to me.” “We love a supportive father,” added another.

And unfortunately, she’s not alone in this moral predicament. Just last month, another content creator on the platform had shared a similar issue. Karla Ramirez shared in a viral video that she knew “it’s not illegal for your father to buy” your *very inappropriate* pictures. And you probably don’t want to know how she learned this.

She later described in subsequent videos that her father had been sexually abusing her since she was “really young,” and added to that was the fact that her mother did not protect her from it.