Pete Davidson would be in therapy to recover from the attacks of Kanye West

While Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have just separated, Kanye West does not seem to have finished with the comedian who had won the heart of the mother of his children. Faced with this news, the rapper even had fun announcing the death of his rival via a fake front page published on his social networks.

But, according to People, Pete Davidson would be simply traumatized by the repeated attacks of Kanye West, so much so that he is currently in therapy to recover.

“All the attention and negativity that came from Kanye West and his antics acted as a trigger for Pete, and he decided to seek help,” a close source told the publication.

No regrets

Nevertheless, according to the same source, Pete Davidson does not regret in any way to have had a story with Kim Kardashian, who will have supported him throughout their relationship.

The news of the separation of the couple was announced a few days ago, and several causes have been advanced, such as the age difference or the incompatibility of their respective schedules.