Plus-Size TikToker Slams Ranch For Not Allowing Her To Ride Horses Due To Her Weight

A plus-size influencer expressed her dissatisfaction at how a ranch in the Hamptons treated her because she was too heavy for the horses. The influencer, Remi Bader, then uploaded about what happened to her TikTok page, where it soon went viral among her 2.1 million followers. Shockingly, the son of the ranch’s owner hit back at her and called her a “fat b**ch.”

The ranch in question was the Deep Hollow Ranch in Montauk, located in New York. Remi visited the place while she was on her way to Jon Bon Voji’s rosé Hampton Water press trip.

Most of the trip was filled with giggles and party bashes from her groupies of plus-size influencers. But it wasn’t all smiles and fun because Remi still experienced discrimination due to her weight.

Remi is known for trying out her big fashion hauls that became a favorite among plus-size women and viewers. She weighed over 240 lbs.

Remi, who blasted the ranch on her TikTok page, received a rude reply from the ranch owner’s son, Brody Keogh. In the now-deleted video response, the man replied, “When you’re not a fat b***h you can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch.”


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She captioned her video, “I’ve rode horses before and have never had this issue. Please advertise this on your signs for the future.”

The back and forth continued as Remi later made a reaction to the man who added salt to injury, “Imagine this being Deep Hollow Ranch’s response to your experience.”

A mixed response prompted her to clarify her reason for feeling upset by the experience on Instagram. She wrote, “I posted for a reason and that’s not because of me being denied to ride the horses. I get it, some places have weight requirements and I’d never want to hurt the horses, but it was the way I was spoken [to] and laughed at by the owner and the way I was treated overall.”

She added how they “made very clear that they did not want me there because of my weight and that’s disappointing.”

Jesse Bongiovi, the co-founder of Hampton Water, later issued an apology to Remi Bader and explained that they “will not work with Deep Hollow Ranch again.”

Listed under Deep Hollow Ranch was an explanation of how much a horse can carry. According to their site, “20% is the maximum horses’ weight carrying capacity, including the rider and saddle.”


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Based on the table they’ve provided, one would need a horse weighing at least 1200 pounds to allow people like Remi Bader to ride. The average weight of a horse ranges depending on the breed with the racing fit Thoroughbred, for example, typically weighs under 1100 pounds.

The ranch hasn’t listed the maximum weight of people allowed to ride their horses, although they post about suitable horses for “plus-size riders.”

Remi was on a trip with fellow influencers such as Brooks Nader, Ella Rose, Jijordyn, Kit Kennan, Ruby Saracino and Agnes Kudokis. Since the incident blew up, hundreds of people have slammed the ranch for their treatment.

The ranch’s rating has been plummeting across most platforms, with people calling them out for “fat-shaming” Remi Bader.