Son of Michael Jackson gives rare interview: ‘We didn’t have a bad childhood’

Prince is the oldest son of Michael. He has another younger sister Paris (24) and a brother, Blanket (20). “As a kid, I didn’t understand why people were so impressed with my dad,” he explains on the YouTube talk show The Mix.

“People followed us everywhere and tried to touch him. The first time I realized how famous he was was when I saw him perform outside. A sea of people came to watch then, they just kept coming. Some spectators fainted when they saw him. I didn’t understand that and asked him about it afterwards: ‘Dad, why do people faint when they see you? I see you every day, there’s nothing special about that, right?'”

Moreover, he talked about his name, which is actually Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. “I use Prince or Mike in everyday life,” he nodded. “Mostly for anonymity, you can imagine. When students’ attendance at school was listed to check attendance, you don’t want to be ‘Michael Jackson.’

These days I prefer to use ‘Mike’ because that name attracts the least attention. Of course, I’m also proud to have my father’s name, it’s something I cherish. But a name like that brings a lot of pressure. People expect you to meet his gold standard. And believe me, I am not an artist. I can’t sing, nor can I dance, even though most people in my family are real performers. I can’t even moonwalk!”

Big miss

Michael Jackson died of an overdose in 2009. He was 50. “I miss him more every year. How could I not? That was my dad. I learned a lot from him,” Prince said. Especially that I always have to keep learning. My father always said: ‘The moment you stop learning is the moment you start dying. I’ve never forgotten that.”

Prince didn’t talk about the controversy surrounding his father, or the fact that he has been accused of pedophilia. Instead, he focused on his own experiences. “Actually, we didn’t have a bad childhood, mind you,” he continued.

My father was world famous, and now that I’m an adult, I look at everything from a different perspective. But at the time we were also just kids getting bigger and older. I’m immensely grateful for the years we had with him.”