Bride Calls Off Ceremony When She Sees The Mother Of The Groom

It is a sad reality that many prospective daughters-in-law and their mothers-in-law can’t seem to make things work in good favor. But, for the sake of the son and husband to be, they put their differences aside and make it work. There are so many secrets that often go on between the two, but there comes a time when a line has to be drawn.

Just imagine, this young bride-to-be saw her fiancé’s mother doing the worst, and fair enough, it is safe to say this could be something that requires legal actions to be taken…If you ask us, if something like this were to happen to any of us, there would be no more space for the “one big happy family” setting as every trust and confidence would be lost…possibly – forever!

Relationship with Friction

Tracey felt the need to share her experience with her fiance’s mother on Reddit as it happened a few months leading up to her own wedding in Colombia. Like many other mother-and-daughter-in-law relationships, these two never had smooth sailing and disagreed on so many levels and even some simple things. Sure enough, we can attest the two women may have overlooked a lot of the issues, but this time around, when the future mother-in-law did this one thing…it was pretty much unforgivable!

Caught Red-handed

Tracey had always remained very mature in all instances whenever she and the older woman had their disagreements. But, the moment she found her prospective mother-in-law messing around with her wedding dress, she was no longer on the calm side. This time, the older woman had gone too far, and it is clear Tracey found it unbelievable and could not forgive her for this abominable act. Tracey was trying really hard to keep her cool, but this was deeper than any form of politeness. We are sure you are dying to know what happened with the two.

Fashionable Gown

There might be a lot that causes problems when it comes to weddings, but many might not believe the wedding gown would be the center of the problems as innocent as it is. It is the most interesting and memorable piece of clothing that any woman could wear as it puts her in place to make her feel like a queen. Well, even if it is just for a single day. Tracey worked hard to get the most beautiful gown for her wedding, as this was one of her heart’s desires.

Great Heights

Tracey searched long and hard for the perfect gown until her heart decided to go with a design from Galia Lahav. This shop is pretty much popular in the eyes of celebrities as the likes of Beyonce and others got their personalized wedding gowns there. She wanted the best material that was soothed for the top stars as she wanted her one special day to be outstanding. Her mission was to make a fashion statement to her friends and family. After much deliberation, Tracey’s gown settled at roughly $11,000 – a classy and exquisite selection.


Tracey had the whole event planned out and did a great job convincing Rick to agree on choosing the exclusive getaway location. She was super excited and noted that it was set as a destination wedding for her and Rick, and she felt good within herself that she was able to get him to work with the flow. From all indications, Rick seems like the kind of guy who would go the extra mile to make sure his partner is happy and contented. However, one family member was not so keen on making plans go through smoothly.

Mommy Issues

Gina, Rick’s mother, was not afraid to let her concerns be known and her disapproval of the wedding being held so far away. Tracey was not too happy because her prospective mother-in-law never had feelings for the couple to let them get married in a place where English was not the native tongue. But, Tracey was not about to let her dreams be crashed because of someone’s prejudiced behavior. The whole issue was something Tracey saw as petty behavior, and if only she knew, it was the start of some seemingly endless problems.

Meaningful Objections

Aside from the language barrier, Gina was also concerned about the threat of breached safety for the couple in the South American country. The cost was also a big issue for her. Americans fear South American countries and believe there are too many killings and kidnappings going on in those regions. For Tracey, however, she was paying so much attention to the reasons being given as she believed Gina didn’t have their best interest at heart and never really wanted to see their happiness.

Not In Agreement

Tracey somehow felt that no matter the wedding plans and decisions they came up with, Gina wouldn’t agree to it. For some reason, it seemed as though Gina was always on the negative side of things and would never see the good in any plan the couple made. It was evident they weren’t going to get along as they never see eye to eye on anything. Sure enough, it was sad that the two women couldn’t simply agree, and it would add to the troubles as Tracey said Gina never really liked her.

Diminishing The Spark

So, what could be the issue this time around for Gina to be picking at Tracey? Well, to start, she was not so happy about the engagement Rick got for his fiance. Gina had a feeling the engagement ring was too much and was undeserving. Seeing we know Tracey had a knack for the best things in life, it was no reason for Gina to be so negative towards her. Sure enough, mothers need to learn when to curve their tongue, but it was something she found really hard to do in Gina’s case.

Home Drama

Gina didn’t seem to let the ring be the only thing to bother her as she also found the couple’s new home as a major problem. Her tantrums were really soaring as she quarreled and made the most dramatic hand movements anyone could imagine. She cussed about the couple being quite irresponsible about their savings. She passed judgment on the couple for not being able to get themselves in a position to make sensible financial decisions and raise children successfully. Gina could not accept the fact that they could afford such property.

Body Shaming

Things were headed down a path and reaching the highest level that would see any calm and relaxing person burst and get enraged. Interestingly, though, Tracey managed to stay really calm through the whole thing. When Gina noticed Tracey dodged the bullets, she decided it was time to up the nasty game. This time around, Gina touched on a topic that many would consider off-limits. She went on to start with the game of body-shaming, Tracey noting how she had put on some extra pounds and it would be best if she shed those before the big day.

Shameless Display

Tracey went over to Reddit to voice her concerns, and she sure didn’t cut any words short. She noted how Gina made it clear she was getting fat and needed to watch her weight fit into her dress. In addition, her future mother-in-law kept on bragging about her specialized diet plan and how stunning her “mother of the bride dress” is. Gina never stopped making it known to Tracey how good she looked and how amazing her dress is. From the look of things, it was as though Gina was the one getting married as she was obsessed with getting the spotlight solely on her.

Stepping The Limits

As Tracey opened the doors to the master bedroom to use the bathroom, she was pushed into disbelief as she took a closer look at what was really waiting for her. She looked over to see Gina in the process of trying to wear her wedding gown. Tracey, in a post, noted her future mother-in-law was in a struggle to get her wedding dress over her head but was stuck in the process. What could have really pushed Gina to do something like this? Tracey felt as if she received a hard punch in the stomach.


Tracey couldn’t seem to find the words to express how she was feeling and the level of distress that came over her while she stared at her torn dress. She had to hold onto her head quickly before she let the rude words escape her mouth at the time. It was hard to really keep quiet as much as she didn’t have all the words to say. She was overcome with grief as though one of dearest family member was just murdered viciously right before her eyes. She had taken too much from Gina, and this was one she couldn’t get over that easily.


Gina could have easily apologized to the couple for what she did, but she refused. She instead started to scold Tracey once more for spending so much money on a single dress from the beginning. Thinking this would be Gina’s initial reaction based on how she previously responded, you deserve a little reward for your skilled thinking. Let us be honest, when someone has done wrong to us, the least we expect them to do is work to get things going right.

Wedding Destroyed

Rick once again failed Tracey in keeping this simple promise even though he said he would carry out the plan. This one thing pushed their relationship practically over the edge! Sadly, the couple canceled their wedding. Even though the two are still in a relationship and staying true to the commitments they made with each other, Tracey noted once Gina was still in the picture, it would be hard to go the distance with him. She believes it would be hard for them to go on that way.