Salma Hayek revealed the hell she went through during her first s*x scene in Hollywood

After Salma Hayek drew thousands of sighs with her latest poses on her Instagram account, the actress revealed the hell she went through during her first s*x scene in Hollywood.

Despite having a low level of English and suffering from dyslexia, Salma Hayek went to live in Los Angeles, California, to study acting at the prestigious Stella Adler Center.

The production of the movie ‘Desesperado’, directed by Robert Rodriguez, which was the sequel to ‘El Maricahi’, found in Salma the ideal candidate to couple with the actor from Malaga, Antonio Banderas.

“I had been told that my accent would remind Hollywood people of their Mexican cleaners. When the movie came out the critics said Salma Hayek is a bombshell! That confused me because I thought they were saying that the movie had crashed, that it had failed and that it was all my fault,’ commented Salma about her successful participation.

Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas s*x scene


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When Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek were presenting the movie ‘Puss in Boots 3D’ in 2016, they both remembered the shooting of ‘Desesperado’.

Regarding the s*xual scene of ‘El Mariachi’ with ‘Carolina’, character of the Mexican, she told how difficult it was to shoot it.

“‘Don’t let them touch me and don’t take my clothes off!’ That’s what they said he and the director had to do, and I was crying. All I kept thinking was, ‘What’s my father going to say?’ First I locked myself in the bathroom, they gave me tequila and I started crying. It was very hard. Nervous? That was impossible. I said: ‘Don’t touch me, be careful with your hair, that hand up!'” said Salma.

The 55-year-old actress, who clarified that Banderas and director Robert Rodriguez “were incredible” and that the filmmaker “never pressured me,” said the moment was traumatic.

Desesperado’ grossed $25.4 million worldwide and spawned a whole fan base for the mariachi gunslinger. For this reason, Robert Rodriguez closed the trilogy with the film ‘Once Upon a Time in Mexico’ in 2003.