Shootings, fights and gun ownership: A$AP Rocky is in trouble again

A$AP Rocky has several No. 1 albums to his name in the United States, but in the Europe many know him primarily as Rihanna’s boyfriend and the man who regularly comes into contact with the law. The rapper has been charged with a shooting and that is not for the first time.

Growing up in the New York neighborhoods of Harlem and The Bronx, Rakim Mayers spent time in prison before his breakthrough as a rapper. In 2006, the then sixteen-year-old A$AP Rocky is arrested for firing a gun during an argument. He spends two weeks in jail on Rikers Island, also for dealing drugs.

In 2012, when the rapper has just achieved his first major successes, he encounters the police twice within a month. The first time, he allegedly gets involved in a group fight in the street. In the other incident, he and a friend attacked two men who were taking pictures of him. The men took pictures of the rapper when he was in a heated discussion with another person. In the end, the rapper confessed to attempted theft as he tried to take their cameras away. He receives a fine and community service.

At a festival in Philadelphia in 2013, A$AP Rocky allegedly punched a woman in the audience. He is charged with assault, but the case is terminated when a witness fails to appear. The alleged victim doesn’t leave it at that and sues him again, as she is still experiencing physical discomfort from the beating. The rapper denies having touched her, but does reach a settlement with her in 2015.

In the same year, a conflict arises between A$AP Rocky and his former manager. The rapper is sued for breach of contract, but also files suit himself. He has yet to receive any money, according to his own words. They eventually reach a settlement in 2019.

In 2019, A$AP Rocky dominates the world news for several weeks when he gets involved in a brawl in the Swedish capital Stockholm and has to spend weeks behind bars. The rapper initially shares images of the incident himself on Instagram. He and his entourage were allegedly harassed by two men who chased them and had also hit women on the buttocks. One of the two men was beaten up and attacked with broken glass.

According to the rapper and his team, the assault was self-defense, but this is where the Swedish authorities disagree. He must await his trial in prison and interrupt his tour. Even then-President Donald Trump interferes and wants to make sure that Sweden releases the rapper. Eventually he is convicted of assault and must pay damages of about $1,250. A$AP Rocky is also given a suspended prison sentence. However, he does not have to go to jail because he was already detained for a month before the trial.

In April 2022, A$AP Rocky is met by Los Angeles police and arrested at the airport for involvement in a shooting in November 2021. The alleged victim states he was shot by the rapper. A day after his arrest, he is released after paying a bail of over 0.5 million euros. Shortly afterwards the police raided the rapper’s home. There officers find several weapons. But the weapon that was allegedly used during the shooting is not among them.

In the summer of 2022, Terell Ephron is officially charged. He says he got into an argument with A$AP Rocky, after which the artist shot him in the hand. Ephron is also known by the name A$AP Relli. He was part of the same hip-hop collective as A$AP Rocky. According to Ephron, there is video footage of the shooting. A$AP Rocky is due to appear at a hearing on August 17.