Son grows his hair out for 2 years to give cancer-stricken mom a gift that means the world

He gave her a gift she’ll never forget. Love can be shown in different ways. Hugs and kisses are the most common ways for us to express our affection. In a more profound sense, we do acts of service or attentive listening.

But for an Arizona man, he gave his mother a gift she’ll always hold dear. It was an act of love that was expressed in the most creative of ways.

Melanie Shaha lost her hair in 2018.
Back in 2003, she started having dull headaches. Eventually, the doctors diagnosed her with a benign brain tumor of the pituitary gland.

Her tumor, the size of a plum, was removed. She underwent a second surgery in 2006 when it returned then used a different treatment in 2017.

She asked her doctor if she would lose her hair during treatment.
She’d had her hopes up because her doctor had said “no” – but just three months later, she had lost a ton.

Being sick is something that Shaha can fight through. What she doesn’t want is for her to stick out from the crowd and attract unwanted attention no matter how well-meaning.

Then, in 2018, her son Matt made a joke.
While they were having their family lunch, Matt quipped that he can just grow his hair out so they can make a wig for her.

Shaha was initially reluctant because she didn’t want to trouble her son but Matt insisted. Besides, Matt just graduated from a school that observed grooming rules so he was just embracing the life of growing his hair out.

For the next two years, Matt was focused on his mission. One of the great things about the project is that Matt’s hair is closest to his mom’s so they can bet that the wig will look natural on her.

Soon enough, Matt’s hair reached 12 inches.
As per standard, it is the optimum hair length suitable for wig-making. He went home to his mom that day together with some co-workers and proceeded to cut off his locks.

Seeing people finally harvesting the gift that was intended for her, the people in the room cried with Shaha.

They then sent his hair to the California-based company Compassionate Creations. “The family was such a joy to work with,” co-founder Veronica Balch told TODAY. “When someone selflessly shaves their head for a family member, it makes what we do even more special.”

For some, it might just be a wig or an “artificial headpiece” but for Shaha, it’s an opportunity to participate in society without fear of being noticed. It was a chance to win back herself.

It’s no secret that she loves the way she looks.
“The color is spectacular and we had it cut and styled with a hairdresser,” she said to TODAY. “Matt said it looks great on me.”

The company also shared candid snapshots of Shaha with the wig where they shared that the entire piece was created from Matt and her granddaughter’s hair and some stock blond hair.

Shaha said that it may well be the best gift she has ever received in her life.