“Style Not Size”: Two Friends Show How the Same Outfit Looks On Their Different Body Sizes

By now, you have probably heard of the ongoing series Style Not Size, which features a model and her friend, Maria Castellanos. We have already talked about it here and here. In their videos, they show how great it looks on different body types by rocking the same outfit side by side.

The duo helps women and girls all over the world receive their daily dose of inspiration and feel more confident about their bodies with this challenge. They collected a lot of new fans by proving that no clothes are off-limits.

Anyone can look great, no matter what size they wear, if you watch how unrealistic beauty standards get shattered. We have put a new selection of looks in one place for you to enjoy. Continue scrolling and make sure to vote for your favorites.

The two friends started working with each other in 2019. She wanted to promote body positivity and showcase the same swimsuit on different body types, so she suggested taking a photo together wearing the same bikini.

The duo was over the moon to receive so much positive feedback after it was posted on social media. Their fan count quickly grew and they started to create more videos. As of today, Maria has more than half a million followers on her social media accounts.

“Once TikTok had become popular, we decided to do a fun video and that’s when it went viral,” Denise told. They realized they needed to start a body-positivity movement. As you already know, their followers voted between #ThroughThickAndThin and #StyleNotSize, and the latter won.

Maria said that they wore a similar style but not the exact same pieces. “I think we really wanted to push the boundaries and go for it! We dressed from head to toe to really showcase one same look on different bodies.”

“We loved the public’s response and so I believe now we treat it as a job! A job to educate and open people’s eyes to the endless possibilities in fashion. And so we post more frequently and we cater to every style so that there’s content to be enjoyed by everyone,” she added.

The key message of their videos is “to dress however you please and to love your body”, said Denise. She says it’s time to stop comparing yourself to others and start building a positive self-image from within. “The fact that we can inspire so many women to feel confident and be themselves makes us want to continue this movement,” she added.

Maria also mentioned that they have been busy “working on challenging today’s industry standards! We really want the industry to hear and understand that they must be inclusive. Plus size, petite, tall, standard sizes should be available to the public because we all have bodies and they are all equally important and they should be treated as such.”

The body-positive movement is becoming more and more accepted by both modern society and the fashion business, and that’s why the style influencers’ efforts seem to be paying off. “Lately, it’s been so easy for me to find clothes that fit both Maria and me great,” Denise said. “Even sustainable clothing, which is amazing! The industry is progressing and even though there are still some improvements to be made, we are heading in the right direction!”

The pair is making sure that the fashion world will become even more inclusive by taking up a variety of projects. They collaborated with A&F to create a collection. “It’s mind-blowing how much more of you you can show when brands aren’t the ones judging and how much society changes when they aren’t being told by the industry what is beauty,” Maria told Teen Vogue.

“It’s much more inviting.” Denise agreed. “I would’ve never thought that a pair of Abercrombie jeans could look so good on me. Abercrombie has come a long way with today’s fashion.”

The partnership helped Macy’s find a loungewear collection. Maria told WWD that she believed it was about your style, not your size. “We really want the fashion world to be size-inclusive.” The design of the clothes is meant to be flattering and comfortable.

The fashion industry tends to do everything very basic for a lot of sizes, so they made sure that materials, fabrics, and designs are up-to-date. Maria added that “every single woman out there is human and we all have different shapes and different sizes. We work really hard to find the perfect pieces to showcase for Style Not Size.”

The series is here “to empower women and let them feel beautiful and in control, and not to judge or diminish,” she said. Encouraging body positivity and showing that two different bodies can wear the same thing, they remind people that size doesn’t have to dictate your wardrobe. “We are super proud of Style Not Size, and we love seeing every single Style Not Size video from other women.”