[VIDEO] Passenger Who Tried Opening The Plane Door Mid-Flight Over Crying Baby Is Banned For Life

Jet2 has banned a passenger who was traveling for a cosmetic procedure after she had a meltdown and attempted to open the airplane door while they were in mid-flight. The passenger has been identified to be Catherine Bush from Bradford, West Yorkshire, and was traveling for Antalya, Turkey, to get 20 zirconium veneers that cost about £3,000.

The disturbed woman is now banned for life from the airline and was also fined £5,000 after the flight had to make a temporary stopover to expel her.

“I was with Catherine in the pub at the weekend. She told me she was excited about going to Turkey,” shared a friend of hers. “She said that she had scraped together £3,000 from her savings for cosmetic surgery on her teeth. She was going to have them whitened.”

But her attitude may meant she’d have to cancel her whitening appointment for the fine. Phil Ward, the managing director of Jet2, spoke, “Ms. Bush displayed a continued pattern of appalling behavior on the flight, and she must now face up to the consequences of her actions.”

“We have always made it abundantly clear that, as a family-friendly airline, we take a zero-tolerance approach to such behavior and that we will vigorously pursue any costs incurred as a result of such an incident.”

He added, “Although such incidents are very rare, it is unacceptable that our customers and crew should have to experience it.” “We would like to apologize to anyone who had to experience this behavior and we would like to commend our highly-trained crew for their exceptional handling of this difficult situation.”

The company has also agreed to participate in any necessary investigation should they be held in the future. The incident began when noises of the children and babies were heard as people were allegedly looking at the perpetrator funny just 90 minutes after they departed from Manchester. She then confronted the passengers seated at the front as things escalated to the point she started arguing with the cabin crews as well.

A witness recalled that she tried to get off the plane while were still up in the air, “She was ragging at the door, saying ‘get me off this f***ing plane – let me off now’. It was just so shocking.”

Another person shared what they witnessed, “There was lots of noise. Then she came to the front of the plane. She was really angry towards Jet2 staff and wouldn’t calm down. Her voice was getting louder and more aggressive – she was shouting in people’s faces.”

“People were saying she was kicking off at the airport before she even got on the plane. Then some people said it was over babies crying on the flight.” “A customer said something and she slapped him in the face. Then a man got up to try and calm the situation before taking her to the back of the plane,” they added.

The plane landed in Vienna to remove the woman, and while she was being escorted out, she slapped another passenger. “This is the first time we have had to land because of someone on a flight,” mentioned a witness. “Jet2 staff handled the whole situation very well. Nobody could help the out-of-control woman once she slapped the passenger.”

Jet2 has also apologized to the passengers in a text message that was sent on the same day for the incident. The flight was 75 minutes late from the schedule, spending a little over an hour in Vienne because of Catherine Bush.