WB Studios Considering Getting Professional Help to Save The Flash Movie

Where will the DC Extended Universe be in a few years? Chances are that the series will still be dealing with a lot of ambiguities even then. Since its inception, Warner Bros. has not really been consistent in its handling of the overpriced film series.

After canceling Batgirl, the studio is now looking at how to proceed with The Flash, the first solo film by the character Ezra Miller. The actor has played the DC hero in several films, but never had the lead role.

Three options for The Flash
The Hollywood Reporter now reports that Warner Bros. has three options with the film. The first is for Miller, who has been questionable in the news over the past year, to seek professional help and then be in the news positively and support the film during its release.

The second option is for The Flash to just appear, but for Miller to be a minimal part of the promotion. This also with the goal of having another actor play the role in subsequent films in the DC Extended Universe.

The third option for Warner Bros. is to scrap the film altogether. The actor could do too much damage, and for the studio, reputation is ultimately more important than a single film. That choice, by the way, would be drastic. The Flash has a production budget of $200 million.

Currently, The Flash is scheduled for release in June 2023.