Woman, 30, Becomes Britain’s Youngest Grandma After Her Daughter, 14, Gives Birth

Kelly Healey became Britain’s youngest grandmother after giving birth to her daughter Skye Salter at just 16 years old. She was 30 when the family welcomed her grandson, Bailey, back in August 2018.

Skye Salter did not even realize she was expecting until she was over 36 weeks in. She did a digital test out of the blue and was attending a PE class just days before, When she heard the news, Kelly decided to focus on the matter at hand rather than overly reprimanding her daughter on contraception.

“I never expected to find out I would become a nan while still in my 20s. But there was no point in yelling at Skye about contraception and safe sex. What was done was done,” she told The Sun. “All I could do was offer love and support. As a mom, you just deal with these things.”

“I act like I’m in my early 20s, so it doesn’t feel right to be a granny.”

“My friends think it’s hilarious I’ve got a grandson. He’s always getting mistaken for my son.”

Back in 2018, Skye was staying with her stepmother and father in Cranford, West London. When she was 14, she went to get a digital test as a precaution because she knew she was sexually active and wanted to get a contraceptive implant.

But upon finding out about her pregnancy, she quickly got herself an ultrasound check at West Middlesex Hospital, where she found out that she’s over 36 weeks in.

“I was stunned. I had a secret feeling I might be pregnant which is why I’d suggested the test. The dad is a local lad around my own age,” recalled Skye, who is now 17. “My periods had always been up and down, so I didn’t think much of it when I missed them.” “I couldn’t believe it. I was potentially days off becoming a mum. Just weeks earlier I had been doing PE and climbing up and down hills.”

“Of course, finding out I was pregnant so late meant abortion wasn’t an option. But I couldn’t have done that anyway. Seeing my baby’s heartbeat on the screen, my heart filled with love. I knew from that point onwards I would always take second place, and my baby boy would take first,” she gushed over her firstborn.

Kelly, on the other hand, shared that she thinks “it doesn’t feel right to be a granny” as she still acts like she’s in her 20s. And her friends think the situation is pretty “it’s hilarious” while her mom shares pretty much the same feelings as her.

Since it also made her mother the youngest great-gran of Britain as well!

Before Skye and Kelly, Gemma Skinner from Bucks was the record holder when her 17-year-old daughter gave birth to a baby girl in October 2021 and she was 33.