Woman Go From ‘Girlfriend To Gran’ In 30 Seconds, And It’s Freaking People Out

Heavily applied cosmetics can significantly impact the way you appear. It can alter one’s appearance and can impair the accuracy of automatic facial recognition systems. Makeup is used in part to beautify, and there are indeed cultural and individual-level differences in what’s considered beautiful worldwide.

However, one woman has swept off people’s feet with her mind-blowing transformation from Girlfriend to Gran in 30 seconds. 39-Year-Old Tiffany of Florida, U.S, has regularly been sharing poses in midriff-baring, figure-hugging outfits on TikTok, leaving people to question her actual age.

Internet users, particularly TikTokers, claim Tiffany, 39, goes from GF to Grandma without makeup on.

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A big thanks to also her gym-honed physique, the fitness fanatic and mom has garnered millions of views for her clips. Tiffany’s MOM status has left people curious, with many stating they hope to appear like her when they’re older, especially as she dons sports skin-tight jeans, crop tops, and full-blown makeup.

The mom poses in midriff-baring and hugging outfits which leave people to question her real age.

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Despite looking all gran, some TikTokers say they hope to look like her when older.

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Tiffany decided to flaunt her face without makeup in bombshell clips while donning a fluffy dressing gown. Instantly, men reckoned that she isn’t the same person. Most people claimed she resembles a grandma, while a few said she’s too old to be wearing what she does. Others were left mouth-opened at the absolute difference. Tiffany captioned one of her clips in response to criticisms: “Sit down. I’m HIGH VALUE without makeup and clothes,” as she flashed an incredible glow-up.

Men have argued she’s “not the same person.”

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“You’re stunning” and “so pretty,” a few people gushed.

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“What kind of sorcery have I witnessed? Lady, you went from grandma to my girlfriend.” One user commented. Another added: “Grandma go seat down; wearing tight jeans and makeup doesn’t make you younger or valuable.” Some commented, saying Tiffany is so “pretty and stunning.” Let’s hear from you, is Tiffany’s before vs. glow-up photo facepalming?