Woman who married her stepson after splitting from his father is having another baby with him

Remember Marina Balmasheva? The social media influencer who very viral in 2020 for marrying her stepson after splitting from his father.

Balmasheva, who was 35 at that time, married her 20-year-old stepson Vladimir ‘Voya’ Shavyrin. Before that, she lived with her ex-husband Arrey for more than 10 years. And after a decade-long marriage, the two decided to part ways.

Balmasheva and Vladimir said they had plans of getting married at the beginning of 2020. But everything got delayed due to the c*ronav*rus pand*mic.

They finally tied the knot in July 2020 at a registry office and then went on to have a baby.

Now, the baby is already 20 months old and the couple is already expecting their second child in the coming months.

Balmasheva, who is now a popular weight loss influencer with over 6.19 lakh followers on Instagram, announced the news of her second baby with Vladimir online.

The clip captures the moment Vladimir found out he was going to become a father for the second time.

In a separate post, she an ultrasound video and said the possible date of conception was the day of [her and Vova’s] wedding’.


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The 37-year-old has always been very candid about her marriage to Vladimir. During the 10-year-long marriage with his father, she and Alexey adopted four children, who are all with the father now after he won custody.

And despite her ex-husband becoming her father-in-law, Balmasheva says she has remained candid and honest to her social media followers.

Alexei, on the other hand, feels differently about the relationship.

“She seduced my son… he had not had a girlfriend before her. They were not shy to have s*x while I was at home. I would have forgiven her cheating, if it wasn’t my son…She was running to my son’s bed from our bedroom when I was sleeping,” he said.