Woman With A Children’s Stroller Is Accused Of Shoplifting By A Frustrated Worker

A video captured outside a Super Cheap Auto in Queensland makes rounds on different social media platforms. It filmed a bizarre incident of how a woman allegedly used an empty children’s stroller to shoplift. But thankfully, she was caught red-handed.

As seen in the clip, an employee was heard threatening to call the cops if she didn’t return the items she stole.

The woman acted deaf ears and tried to move the stroller out of the shop assistant’s reach. But as the man took hold of its handles and looked inside, the woman screamed: “Let my baby go.” The man then calmly responded: “You haven’t even got a baby in there.”

“Don’t touch my baby,” the woman screamed out again. The employee eventually observed a box stowed inside the pram covered with a blanket as the brawl continued.

“Oh there’s a box in there!” the man stated in shock. Embarrassed, the woman gave up on her ploy and told the man he could have the f***king motor. She was then seen pushing a large cardboard box out of the stroller and onto the pavement for the man to collect before finally calling him a f***head.

Several people have since commented on the incident. One person said: “No baby in there.” Another commented: “Leave my baby alone. Out thumps a brake disc. F***ing howler.”