‘World’s Smallest Stripper’ Gets Trolled For Dating A Man 13 Years Younger Than Her

Sassee Cassee from Minnesota is a 32-year-old stripper who was recently receiving a lot of negativity from people who learned that her new boyfriend was twice her height. The self-claimed “smallest stripper in the world” shared with Truly, that she’s seen many trolling and rude comments about her relationship with the 19-year-old man.

She shared how people have been shooting rude comments about their relationship in the documentary video.

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Cassee is a 2’10” stripper while her boyfriend, Blake, is over 5’7″ tall, but the trolls have also judge the age gap between them.

The stripper shared one of the cruel messages she’s received that reads, “OMG is Blake dating a mid**t?”

In another cruel comment, one says that Cassee looks like Blake’s “mom”.

Cassee apparent appearance was caused by cartilage hair hypoplasia, a congenital disorder in her bone growth where they’d abnormally remain short. But that never stopped Cassee from trying to do what she loves to do.

She’s become a popular dancer as well as an active OnlyFans user and is known as the “Mid**t stripper XXX Sassee Cassee.” She’s often shared many racy pictures on her Instagram and provides VIP content on the subscription-based platform.

The two met on Facebook and Blake never judged her for the occupation choice.

She shared, “I told him, ‘I’m the world’s smallest stripper,’ and Blake’s like, ‘Oh cool. That’s fun.’ Blake doesn’t seem to care. He’s like, ‘I care about you for you.’”

She added, “People that are attracted to little people can just be attracted to them because they find them beautiful. They like their personality.”

Blake knows about the negative comments, but never lets them get to him. He shared, “I looked at her like a normal person you’d see on the streets,”

“She’s a kindhearted person and I love her very much and she makes me happy. She smiles. We laugh together. I’m trying to find a relationship and settle down. I’m not trying to play around,” he added.

Speaking about the huge age gap, Blake says that “age is just a number” and it doesn’t bother him. Their relationship has remained strong despite the trolls.

The couple is actually living together right now, in spite of what everyone else was saying about them.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” she hits back at the trolls. She warns them from making comments without ever knowing what it’s like to be them.